Welcome to Hearty Healing

You have come to the perfect place if you want more clarity, calm and contentment in your life.  I believe that all human beings are the unique expressions of divine.

Receiving a Healing Touch session is a wonderful experience. I offer an opportunity to do healing work that will release blocked energy in your field and to joyfully connect you to your true self. As your energy field becomes clearer it helps you to carry forward in life effortlessly with more peace, clarity and acceptance.

I have been guided to do this work and do so with the intention of assisting people to accept themselves lovingly, feel empowered in their ability to heal themselves and move forward on their own healing path.

Everyone and everything is surrounded by an aura of magnetic energy. Auras hold the energy of what we feel in our bodies, mind and spirit. All thoughts, emotions, and feelings are contained in the aura and are sent out to the universe.  By clearing the aura out, we clear any negative beliefs, thoughts, feelings, physical pain and refresh the energy field with clear and vibrant universal life force energy.