I am Lavanya Chigurupati. The owner of Hearty Healing. The key thing that I found in my experience is, each person is divine at their soul level. But most often our emotions prevent us to see our inner divine light which is the true Self just like the fog that prevents us from seeing the sun.

Body heals from physical wounds with time. But the emotional damage often times left behind and as time moves on it gets deeper and deeper. Even when the physical body is in perfect condition, the person is not necessarily healed. Upon remembering the incident, often times the heart pounds, stomach knots, shoulder tightens or jaw clenches. This is the proof that the person’s energy is still being drained.The point is that you don’t have enough energy to remain fully focused in the present and get excited about future.

My favorite teacher Carolyn Myss says that “One of the greatest ways to have a quality tomorrow is to make sure that you leave sad yesterday far behind.”

That is why I have started “Hearty Healing” to help you heal from the physical wounds, traumatic past, constant stress or dissatisfaction in life or simply to be aligned back to your true self/Higher self/Divine and find out the answer to the question that you probably have been seeking “Who am I?” .

I am dedicated to bring mindful, nonjudgmental, Heart Centered Energetic Healing to people through my experience as a

  • Certified Healing Touch Practitioner CHTP
  • EFT Practitioner
  • Duke MBSR Graduate

I have a degree in Masters in Computer Applications and worked as a Software Engineer in corporate field over 12 years with MNCs like Siemens, GlaxoSmithKline to name a few. Though I have enjoyed software design and development, it felt like a rat race always running to next thing. Besides I always had this “who am I and What is my purpose?” at the back of mind. That quest led me to join in “Duke Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction” 8 week program with Dr. Maya McNeilly and I found it very useful that I did it twice along with another graduate program “Interpersonal Mindfulness”. During that life altering course, I found energy over flowing in my hands. I pursued with “Healing Touch”program through Healing Touch International(HTI) with Deborah Larrimore. This certification involved five levels of vigorous training with a minimum one year of mentorship and documented sessions of at least 100 clients, ten alternative modality of healing experience, minimum of 17 book readings and written reports and much more.

I have also been trained in EFT Level 1 and 2 and looking forward to my certification through ACEP EFT, official gold standard EFT with Gary Craig.

I now have a simple life as a mother of two young children which I enjoy very much. I also enjoy being more than doing. I believe that I do my best that way. Empathy is my strong suit. I am looking forward to serving you and sharing my gift of “Heart Centered Healing” with a side of Loving Kindness.

Human life is the highest form that there is. Each human is a divine being. But as life happens we become misaligned with our true selves where the negative emotions fear, anger, resentment, bad health starts creeping in.  My goal is to help you “fall deeply and dearly in love with yourself and realize your inner light” as I hold the healing space around you and balance your energy which I believe is the ultimate gift of healing that could ever happen.